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David Eckoff

Revolutionary Ventures

David Eckoff specializes in working with teams to develop and launch industry-changing businesses. He’s led corporate innovation initiatives and led product teams in companies ranging from startup to Fortune 500.

He is an advisor to technology companies, helping take revolutionary ideas from the drawing board to market. Eckoff has advised companies including Kleiner Perkins backed Zazzle.com, Ustream.TV, 3D Virtual World innovator Kaneva, and more.

Eckoff founded multiple startups. Most recently, he co-founded two technology startups, leading teams developing social media engagement platforms. 

Previously, Eckoff was Vice President, New Products at Turner Broadcasting. He was Senior Director at RealNetworks, leading teams pioneering online sports broadcast, music, movies and games. And Eckoff was Senior Vice-President at Rivals.com, the leader in online college sports (later acquired by Yahoo).

Eckoff is an award-winning speaker. He's spoken about innovation and entrepreneurship at numerous events, as a keynote speaker, panel speaker and guest lecturer at universities. Including SXSW Interactive, Charles River Ventures CEO Leadership Summit, the University of North Carolina, and more.