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Adam Walker

Atlanta, GA

I’m Adam Walker and I can pretty neatly divide my life into three categories, family, business and nonprofit work.

On the family side (it’s always first) I’m a husband and father of five. So, my hobby is my kids, and having adventures with them. I love to sit through ballets and sweat at swim meets, who doesn’t?

On the business side, I’m the co-founder of Sideways8, a digital agency based out of Atlanta. At Sideways8 we start by creating an amazing website that communicates to the right people in the right way, then we help drive traffic to that site. We value communication, quality and sarcasm.

I co-founded my first nonprofit when I was a senior in high school (my co-founder was a junior). Since then I have started two other nonprofits, the most recent of which is 48in48. 48in48 puts together events that build 48 websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours. In 2017 we held the event in four cities, but in 2018 we will grow that to six and continue to expand internationally from there.

I also love to blog at https://adamjwalker.com, podcast at http://techtalkyall.com and dabble in other ventures here and there. You can find me on twitter @ajwalker.


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