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Rufin Tshinanga

Popplr & Co
Founder & CEO
Atlanta, GA
Rufin is a serial entrepreneur,and founder of Popplr & Co, an app for apparel & accessory brands to activate pop up shops based on consumer demand. Rufin is passionate about developing big ideas, innovative start-ups, and experiences that are impactful, and relevant in today's connected culture.  He is a co-founder of The Cool Kids, a passion point agency based in Atlanta, GA.While attending the University of Georgia, he founded Georgia Daze, an overnight campus visitation program aimed at encouraging talented, historically underrepresented students to enroll at the institution . With over 1,000 UGA alumni who cite GA Daze as the instrumental factor in attending the University, GA Daze has become an official UGA organization under the Office of Institutional Diversity, and has been instrumental in aiding the record increase in minority enrollment and improving campus culture & diversity.Rufin has had the pleasure of working with brands and entertainers such as Michael Jordan, Drake, Moet Hennessy, Lyft, Saint Cassius, and others. He's been featured in Forbes Travel Guide, NY Times, LA Times, and The AJC. Rufin has lived in 3 continents, speaks 3 languages, and is the father of a 7 year old boy.